transport equipment
In-factory, specialized
transport equipment
Production service
of robotic cells

Robot cell design
and construction
Test equipment
and construction
Welding equipment


Depending on the mode of transportation, logistics equipment must meet complex requirements.

As a firts step, Our engineers prepare a 3D-based concept. The designs are checked in the virtual space before the prototype is manufactured (functionality, ergonomic handling, work safety, etc.). With the help of finite element analysis meeting the most demanding applications is ensured.

We support our Partners throughout the whole development process from their ideas to manufacturing.


special storage unit for car body panels

We supported the flow of the body panels of premium category cars (Lamborghini, Audi R8 Coupe, R8 Spyder, etc.) for the AUDI tool factory by developing and producing special logistics tools.

At each step of the robotic manufacturing process the robots are able to lift the panels (front door, rear door, side wall, hood, etc.) from the storage unit without human intervention. When the operation is finished, robots also place the finished product in the storage. The multi-way transport device was used to transport the elements within the factory and if necessary, between different locations.

The robotic production process is also supported by the development of devices (welders, laser cutters, edging machines, etc.) and robot grippers belonging to each production step.

    Motorized carts for CAMSHAFT transportation

    For AUDI's internal material handling tasks, it was necessary to develop and manufacture a car for transporting the finished camshafts. All of the devices that meet the special requirements are closed and have their own forklift forks.

    The hydraulic and energy supply required for operation must be provided from the tractor. The equipment can be towed with a forklift and can be connected to each other.

    During the development, the needs of several departments (production line, logistics, occupational safety, quality assurance, etc.) had to be coordinated, and then the cars validated in the virtual space had to be manufactured.

      Engine transportation unit

      A special transportation unit had to be developed and manufactured for internal material handling at the AUDI engine factory.

      This was made possible with the help of a roller conveyor, on which the engines are transported to the various operational locations. Separate transportation units were made for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, however each unit must be able to safely transport each engine version- within the engine type

      In the course of the development, the requirements of several departments (such as engine development, logistics, occupational safety, quality assurance, etc.) had to be coordinated, followed by the validation of the transportation units in the virtual space and finally, their production.

        fixture development for power unit assembly

        To support the internal logistics processes of CLAAS, it was necessary to develop and manufacture a device suitable for the assembly and transport of an engine.

        In order to carry out the assembly of the gear unit ergonomically, it was also necessary to take care of the lifting and rotation of the gear unit. The equipment is lifted hydraulically, while the rotation required for the manipulations is done with a gear.

        During the development, the needs of several departments (development, logistics, occupational safety, quality assurance, etc.) had to be coordinated, and then the device had to be manufactured and put into operation.

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